Source 1 Introduces Timesaver Silicon Nitride Universal Hot Surface Igniter Kits

Mos of you have been asking, “When is York going to offer the Silicon Nitride igniter instead of the silicon carbide igniter we have had for years?”  Well, guess what –Just in time for the heating season, Source 1 introduces Timesaver Nitride universal hot surface igniter kits. The part number for this kit is S1-HSI-SN1.   A specification sheet is attached at the end of this posting.

Timesaver Nitride universal igniter kits are designed to replace over 100 types of silicon carbide igniters, including flat and spiral, with durable, reliable silicon nitride. They connect directly to the hot surface ignition system (no module required). Each kit comes with a universal bracket that fits most furnaces, installation instructions, and ceramic wire nuts–everything needed to complete the installation. Timesaver Nitride igniters are backed with a three-year warranty from Source 1. Compare Timesaver Nitride to White-Rodgers’ 21D64-2 or Honeywell’s Q3200U1004 GlowFly.  We think you will like this kit better.

With these kits, you can stock one igniter for almost every manufacturer out there, including York, and offer the reliability of Silicon Nitride igniters.  See the attached spec sheet showing all the manufacturer’s units this kit will cover.

 Timesaver Nitride Universal Igniters Spec Sheet

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  1. kettlebells says: Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time 🙂

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