This is what happens when I have too much free time!


A  sheet of paper crossed my desk the other day and as I read it a realization of a basic truth came to me.  So simple!  So obvious we have just taken it for granted for so long.  A friend of mine had discovered how light bulbs work.  He said that light bulbs do not produce light, but rather, absorb the dark because every time it quits working, the bulb is dark.   He claims to have verified this through testing.

I was totally amazed!  Of course!  Light bulbs absorb dark.  Remember the last time that a light bulb quit working?  When you looked at it, there was some black inside the bulb.  This indicated that it was FULL.  I sat and smiled like an idiot as more of the truth dawned on me.  I remember changing fluorescent bulbs when they go out.  The ends are always BLACK indicating the bulb was full.  Even simple light bulbs have indicators.  When you “shake” a new bulb, there is no sound because it is empty.  But when you shake a bulb that doesn’t work any more, you always hear something inside the bulb. This has to be all the dark that it has absorbed. 

Yes, I know his theory is in fact truth.  A light bulb is like an air conditioner.  Doesn’t refrigerant “absorb” heat rather than cool the air?  A light bulb does the same thing – it absorbs DARK instead of producing light.  Further proof is when you put a dimmer switch on a light bulb, as power to the bulb is reduced, so are its absorbing capabilities.  The result is it can’t absorb the dark very fast so the room is not fully illuminated. 

I plan on spending more time with him on some of his other theories!

 MB ‘2011 

If the speed of light can be measured, can the speed of dark also be measured?



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One Response to This is what happens when I have too much free time!

  1. Bob Mudra says:

    Couldn’t pass up replying to this one.

    After 45 years in consumer electronics engineering and ham radio, I have determined what makes integrated circuits (like micro processors) work ……………. SMOKE.

    I have proven beyond a doubt that when the SMOKE gets out……. they don’t work anymore.

    Thanks for a good chuckle.

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