MicroChannel Coil Cleaning

MicroChannel coils consist of tubes with microchannels running through the tubes.  The fins are welded to the tubes.  The coil is constructed of all aluminum.

Because the coil is all aluminum construction, care needs to be taken when cleaning the coil. Here are the simple guidelines for cleaning any microchannel coil:

MicroChannel Coil Cleaning Procedures

The use of chemical cleaners is not recommended. 


  • A soft bristle (not wire) brush can be used.
  • A vacuum cleaner with a soft attachment can be used.
  • Compressed air blown from the inside out can be used.
    • (Do not contact the coil with the vacuum nozzle, air nozzle, or any other tool) 


  • Water pressure for cleaning should not exceed 100 psi
  • Use clean tap water sprayed from a nozzle on a garden hose from the inside.

If these procedures are followed, the microchannel coil will have a long, happy life.  I have attached a procedure sheet you can print out and keep with you on job sites.

MicroChannel Coil Cleaning Procedures


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2 Responses to MicroChannel Coil Cleaning

  1. Jim Eubanks says:

    Great information. Thanks.

    • Jim — Welcome to my blog site. Feel free to pass the site on to the other Techs out of your Tennessee Office. You can use the “SEARCH” box at the top right hand side and enter a “key work or phrase”, and if I have a post on it, it will take you to all the posts with that key word or phrase.

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