Astrometric Theories

Here we are at the start of September and the Labor Day Weekend — the “unofficial” end of summer — and as we transition into heating season, the days are getting shorter and soon the leaves will be falling. Day light savings time will be coming to an end.  Just for the fun of it, here is something to ponder.

The Speed of “Dark”!

Black holes have been discovered to exist in space.  Black holes supposedly absorb all matter and energy into the hole. Black holes could be “worm holes” to other parts of space.  

Since the black hole originates in one area of space and exits in another area of space, then the energy absorbed into the black hole must exit the other end as a “white hole”. All that energy has to come out some where.

This makes for the possible theory that what we call “stars” are really the exit points of “black holes”, or white holes, and what we call “space” is really all black holes.  It all depends on the orientation of the black hole or white hole as to what we view. This would account for the “weightlessness” of space, since all the black holes are pulling, thus “lifting” whatever they encounter creating the effect of weightlessness.  This is held in check by the white holes “pushing” whatever back, sort of a check and balance. 

This being said, then in theory, we should be able to measure the “speed of dark” much the way we measure the speed of light.  We know how fast the light comes out of the white hole, so we should be able to calculate the speed of dark at the entrance to the black hole.   If we could measure both the speed of light and the speed of dark, we should be able to create “engines” that make use of these forces and let these forces act as propulsion and braking mechanisms. Maybe develop some kind of “collector/refractor” system to absorb the dark energy to accelerate (let it pull us along) and refract the light energy to brake (let it push us back).  By using these energies, we could develop very high-speed space travel.  

All we need to do is calculate the speed of dark, and who knows what we could accomplish.  I ,for one, know that night moves by way too fast, especially when one is really tired.

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