Simplicity® Diagnostics Flash Codes

In some of my previous posts, I’ve discussed “flash code diagnostics” and the fact that these should be used as a “guide” to finding out where the problem is located.  To make these flash codes more understandable in our commercial equipment — below is an explanation of each flash code.  Hopefully this will help guide you to understanding what each code means and assist you in making proper diagnostics.  Remember — the flash code is not telling you want is wrong but is looking at symptoms.  You still need to make the diagnostic based of the flash code.

Simplicity Fault Codes and Set up                                      

  • Steady On LED – A steady on LED, or an LED that does not light at all when power is applied, indicates a possibly defective board.  If the condition does not correct itself after cycling power to the board, it must be replaced.

NOTE: An LED that is not lit may be an indication that the board is not energized.  This could be due to no power or a shut down circuit.

  • FC 2 – Indicates the anti-short cycle delay (ASCD), for either stage 1 or stage 2 is active.  This code is not considered an alarm, but flash code to alert the technician the control is waiting for a compressor anti-short cycling delay to expire.  This can be by-passed for one cycle by pushing the test reset button on the board.
  • FC 3 – High pressure switch trip or lockout on 1st stage.  During this condition, the output for 1st stage (CR1) will not be energized.  The pressure switch will open at 380 PSIG and close at 300 PSIG on an R-22 unit and open at 625 and close ar 500 PSIG on R-410A units  If the pressure switch trips 3 times within a two hour window, the control locks out CR1.
  • FC 4 – High pressure switch trip or lockout on 2nd stage.  The pressure switch will open at 380 PSIG and close at 300 PSIG on an R-22 unit and open at 625 and close ar 500 PSIG on R-410A units  If the pressure switch trips 3 times within a two-hour window, the output for 2nd stage (CR2) will not be energized.
  • FC 5 – Low pressure switch trip or lockout on 1st stage.  During this condition, the output for 1st stage (CR1) will not be energized.  The pressure switch will open at 7 PSIG and close at 22 PSIG on R-22 units and open at 50 PSIG and close at 70 PSIG on R-410A units.  If the pressure switch trips 3 times within a one hour window, the control locks out CR1.
  • FC 6 – Low pressure switch trip or lockout on 2nd stage.  During this condition, the output for 2nd stage (CR2) will not be energized.  The pressure switch will open at 7 PSIG and close at 22 PSIG on R-22 units and open at 50 PSIG and close at 70 PSIG on R-410A units.  If the pressure switch trips 3 times within a one hour window, the control locks out CR2.
  • FC 7 – Freeze stat trip on 1st stage. During this condition, the output for 1st stage (CR1) will not be energized. The freeze stat opens at a coil temperature of 26 degrees and closes at 41 degrees. If a freeze stat were to trip 3 times within a two-hour window, the control locks out CR1.
  • FC 8 – Freeze stat trip on 2nd stage. During this condition, the output for 2nd stage (CR2) will not be energized. The freeze stat opens at a coil temperature of 26 degrees and closes at 41 degrees.  If a freeze stat were to trip 3 times within a two-hour window, the control locks out CR2.
  • FC 9 – Ignition control lockout or heating failure. Indicates no 24vac at the GV terminal of the board during a call for heat or no 24vac at the limit terminal anytime the board is energized.This fault code basically says there is a problem in the heating section. That could be any number of things.  Flash code 9 on the boards is a summary of heating section faults. Five conditions can cause FC 9. Observing other indicators on the unit can offer clues to the condition that caused the FC 9. Before cycling power to the unit or resetting it — check to see if there are any flash codes on the ignition control.  This board has a volatile memory meaning, if you reset the power, you’ve cleared the fault codes.  Be sure to check here first.
    flash code 9
  • FC 10 – When flashing, it indicates the compressors are locked out because the low ambient switch is closed.  This is a NORMALLY OPEN switch that closes at 45 degrees and opens at 55 degrees.
    • When this software switch is set to off, which is the factory default on units that ship without economizers, the compressors are cycled 10 minutes ON and 5 minutes OFF, when the low ambient switch closed and a call for cooling exists.

When the compressor is off in this mode, the control displays a FC2, indicating an active anti-short cycle timer

    • This option can be changed using the Simplicity Software.
    • When set to the OFF position, which is the factory default, the control will bring on 1st stage compressor with a second stage call for cooling from the thermostat.
    • NOTE: If the second stage call for cooling lasts for longer than twenty minutes, the second stage compressor will be energized, unless the unit is equipped with a power exhaust.  With power exhaust active, the second stage compressor is locked out.
  • FC 11 – If unit is shipped with factory installed economizer the switch is set to ON, the compressors are locked out if the economizer is in free cooling mode.
  • FC 12 – Fan Overload Lockout. Indicates 24vac is not detected on the Fan Over terminal. Not all units have external overloads.  If a motor in the unit has an INTERNAL overload, the pins on the board will be jumped .
  • FC 13 – Low voltage indication or lockout.  The control sensed less than 19.2vac while attempting to energize a relay, or less than 16vac with any relays are already energized.
  • FC 14 – EPROM failure.  This is an internal control fault.  If the fault does not reset after cycling power, the board must be replaced.

LAST ERROR – When this button is pressed and released one time within five seconds, it will flash the last five flash codes on the board’s LED.  The most recent alarm will be shown first and the oldest alarm will be shown last.

  • When pressed and released twice within a five second span, the fault history is cleared.

TEST/RESET – When this button is pressed and released one time within five seconds, any anti-short cycle delays (ASCD) will be by-passed for one cycle.

  • When this button is pressed twice within five seconds, any active lockouts will be reset.

Simplicity 1A

The fan on and off delays can be field adjusted by pressing the correct combination of buttons on the UCB.

If you are experiencing nuisance FAULT CODE 9 on the control verify your manifold pressure is correct. Verify your temperature rise.  Default fan OFF AND ON settings in the board are 30 SECOND ON and 60 SECONDS OFF.  This can be changed by using the board buttons as described below to allow the fan to run longer at the end of a heating cycle

  • Gas Heat Option #1 – Press the LAST ERROR and TEST/RESET buttons simultaneously and then release. The control will flash three times as it writes a 30 second delay ON and a 90 second delay OFF to the program.
  • Gas Heat Option #2 – Press the COM SET UP and TEST/RESET buttons simultaneously and then release. The control will flash four times as it writes a 30 second delay ON and a 180 second delay OFF to the program.
  • ELECTRIC HEAT – Press and release the COMM SETUP and LAST ERROR buttons at the same time. The control will flash twice on the LED as the control writes a 0 second ON and a 30 second OFF fan

Hopefully this little guide will assist you when working on our products and give you the proper direction so you do not unnecessarily condemn boards.


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I have been in the HVAC industry most of my life. I worked 25 years for contractors on anything from residential to large commercial boilers and power burners. For the past 23+ years I had been employed by York International UPG Division ( a division of Johnson Controls) as a Technical support/Service Manager but I am now retired. One of my goals has always been to "educate" dealers and contractors. The reason for starting this blog was to share some knowledge, thoughts, ideas, etc with anyone who takes the time to read it. The contents of this blog are my own opinions, thoughts, experiences and should not be construed as those of Johnson Controls York UPG in any way. I hope you find this a help. I always welcome comments and suggestions for postings and will do my best to address any thoughts, questions, or topics you may want to hear about. Thanks for taking the time to read my postings! Mike Bishop
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88 Responses to Simplicity® Diagnostics Flash Codes

  1. R.J. says:

    Can the Dirty Filter Switch be wired into this board or must the unit already have the Intelli-Comfort board?

  2. Gary says:

    Is it possible for this board to have a code 27? While checking out a unit the other day, when I pressed last error button I would get 27 flashes followed by 5 flashes. The unit was a zf240n24j4vzz10002.

    • 27 flashes in not an error code we have built into our boards. 5 flashes would be a LP sys 1 pressure switch trip. 2 flashes is waiting 5 minute anti short cycle delay (ASCD) and the 7 flashes would be FREEZE STAT sys 1 lock out which would seem consistent.

      • Gary says:

        OK. I get the listed flash codes, but why am I getting 27 flashes?

      • is the unit working? it could just be a “glitch or a 2 followed by a 7. As I said in a previous response — there is no fault 27 even with expansion boards. How is the unit controlled — t-stat, BAS?

      • Gary says:

        The unit was working when I arrived Friday afternoon. They said they had reset it by the disconnect. It is using a regular thermostat no BAS. They said it had been cooling fine all day. I could not find anything wrong while I was there so I checked the last error codes. I would get 27 consecutive flashes followed by another 5 flashes. I guess I will take a wait and see and see if it happens again. Maybe they had a phase problem or power surge.

        Thanks for you help!!!!

  3. luis says:

    also what I have found code 9 to be from air flow issues. td high. gas pressure high. also believe older boards of simplicities where faulty. newer updated boards don’t have this issue if airflow good

  4. Roger says:

    On lockout 13 if I have a constant 24 volts at board on r and it’s passing 24 out to g and y2 why is it locking out y1.. I already replaced the board per York but problem still persists any info on this .

    • Code 13 on Simplicty is NOT a lock out but an information code. Code 13 occurs when voltage drops below 19+/- volts when running or below 16 +/- volts when trying to energize a component. What is the model number? What is the unit voltage? Is the transformer tap set to the correct incoming voltage (208 or 230)? Is there an economizer in the unit?
      If problem is just with Y1 call — look at the economizer. Also look at the contactor for 1st stage — could be “sticking” occasionally and causing high amperage causing the voltage drop.

  5. Roger says:

    My unit is a zh102n15p2dta5a there is a economiser package . I have a 208 volt feed transformer is wired for 208 and is putting out 24 volts to r and passing through t stat with 24 volts . Both stages of cooling are calling second stage cycles on off first stage is locked out on free cooling . Free cooling control is not calling for free cooling . I have 24 v at y1 out (207/y) and 24 v at y1econ ( 208/w) . I do not have a bypass plug to bypass the economiser option .

  6. Mark Hardy says:

    One of the RTU’s on my building is a York mod. #ZJ037N09P2AAA5A which went into a fault. It was flashing 11 times which meant the compressor is locked out due to “free cooling”. Is there a simple way to over ride the fault? Recycling did not work.

    • FLASH codes are information codes. 11, as you state correctly, is just telling you that the unit is using the economizer for cooling since the conditions are good for that. With all this said, any time there is an economizer in the unit, there should also be a 2-stage thermostat. Y1 calls for cooling and goes back thru the economizer control. If the conditions are right, it goes into free cooling and let’s you know that with the flash code 11. If they are above set point, ity goes into compressor cooling. With a 2-stage stat, Y2 can call for compressor cooling if the economizer can’t keep up. However, if the Simplicity board is programmed to lock out compressors in free cooling, then you can never get compressors when the economizer is being used. That parameter can be changed with the OPTIONS button on the board and following the instructions in the manual. Hope this helps.

  7. Tahir says:

    Friends .. york package unit model dms300 . Show the error heat delay,Lead leg and fan off. Every thing is ok. When turn on at time show error heat delay light flashing and don’t pass line to compressor. Plz tell me . I check all thing but I dont understant prob ..

    • do not look at the “wording” like “heat delay”. Next to the light is a NUMBER. ADD up the numbers and that is the flash code. Then you can use the chart in the post to diagnose the problem. I believe “heat delay” is a 2 which is a 5 minute anti short cycle delay. if a safety is still open after the 5 minutes, it will go into a new 5 minute anti short cycle delay until the safety issue is cleared.

    • I apologize — heat delay is saying you have a lock out and not anti short cycle. Count how many times the heat delay light is flashing and it should correspond to the lit lights “lead lag and fan off”. then you can see which safety is open

      • Tahir says:

        8 to 10 time light flashing then start and stop the flash light continues flashing.. please provide the diagnosis code and also wiring diagram

      • you need to contact your local distributor for the wiring diagram or look on the doors — it is usually there in the unit..
        FC 8 – Freeze stat trip on 2nd stage. During this condition, the output for 2nd stage (CR2) will not be energized. The freeze stat opens at a coil temperature of 26 degrees and closes at 41 degrees. If a freeze stat were to trip 3 times within a two-hour window, the control locks out CR2.
        FC 10 – When flashing, it indicates the compressors are locked out because the low ambient switch is closed. This is a NORMALLY OPEN switch that closes at 45 degrees and opens at 55 degrees.

      • Tahir says:

        Sorry .. not stop light flashing

      • A “green” continuous flash on the upper LED is normal operation
        There is no continuous flash on the heat delay light — that would be a code

  8. Isaac Bright says:

    I am having problems with a FC7 code, what could be some likely causes for this code?
    also is there a way to turn the economizer off?

    • FC 7 – Freeze stat trip on 1st stage. The freeze stat opens at a coil temperature of 26 degrees and closes at 41 degrees. If a freeze stat were to trip 3 times within a two-hour window, the control locks out CR1. Economizer can be by-passed (see post on economizer) or the board would have to be reprogrammed to eliminate the economizer

  9. We have a York M# ZF240N24AAA1B S# N1A0506845 That will not let C1 or C2 energize on the board. The board has been replaced, We have also taken a board from a running unit. All pressure switches and freeze stat’s are closed and low AMB is open. P and P1 are jumped together and R and OOC are jumped together. Indoor fan runs. These units do NOT have Economizers. There is 24volts at Y-out and Econ at the board. Board part # S1-33109150000. Any INFO would help.

  10. Joe says:

    Hi, I am working on a single stage cooling simplicity board. The cooling starts and runs for 60 seconds before the cr1 relay opens and shuts the compressor. All 3 safeties are closed, LP, HP and FS. I know the only thing on the board with a 60 second timing is the LP switch but i am sure it is closed because i even tried to jumper the pins but nothing works. I even tried a new board but it is not working. HELP!

  11. James says:

    I have a ZJ048N06N2AAA1C. Flashing Code 11. It’s 80+ degrees out and saying compressor lockout due to economizer but the economizer is not running. Temp sensor checked good. I can also not get the unit to reset. It will go into cooling for an hour or so then Code 11 Flashes. Any input??



    • That unit did not have a factory installed economizer. the economizer was field installed. You need to check all wiring and sensor locations. Where is the set point (A,B,C,D dial) set? I always recommend “D” so the economizer only functions below 63 degrees 50% humidity. Check out my posts on Economizers. Are you using a single or 2-stage thermostat. All economizer equipped units should have a 2-stager thermostat. With a single stae stat, if in the econ mode there is no call for mechanical cooling if the econ cannot keep up.

  12. James says:

    Correct, field installed Econ. setpoint is at 10% min damper position and D the loweset temp setting to turn Econ on. Single Stage T- stat I believe. I will check and keep you updated. Thanks for the fast response!!!!


  13. greg says:

    ok i have a york unit with this board and i cant figure out what is going on with it. it powers up but then shuts down in about 10 mins and there are no codes flashing on board if i reset power it does the same thing. when i reset unit same thing with no codes i have replaced the board and tstat same thing

    • Are you losing the thermostat call at the board? If you leave it alone, will it try 3 times before locking out? does it go into a HARD lock-out every time?
      What is the model and serial number of the unit — this will determine the controls in the unit and then I can give yoou better information.

  14. Garry says:

    hi there. Currently working on a York rooftop unit. M#ZF180N32J5AAA1B
    The issue im having is 2nd stage heating not coming on. Not getting any voltage to 2nd ignition module, which isn’t bringing voltage to the 2nd gas valve. Ive tried to jumper it out and still nothing. The First initial call was a bad ventor motor. Replaced that. Now a week later customer calling saying that the heat isn’t keeping up. I’m only getting 88•F out of the supply. Hoping sombody could give me a quick hand. Thanks for your time.

    • at the main Simplicity board, do you have 24 VAC at W1 & W2 to “C”? Do you have 24 VAC at the plug on top of the board at pins H1 & H2? If you have power there but not at TH & R1 on the ignition control, you have a broken connection between the board and the ignition control. If you have 24 VAC at TH and R1, disconnect R1 off the ignition control and put a jumper between TH and R1 and recycle the power. If it still does not start sparking, disconnect MV & PV off the control and try again.

  15. Limit says:

    Hi there. Am now working on a 24 000 btu split unit and the indoor unit becomes ON for a while and start flashing on the display, while system shut off all together. We replaced the indoor PCB but still does the same thing.

  16. Vicky says:

    We have a York CH&A and we use propane. We woke up through the night and the heater is not working. My husband checked and at first there were two flashing lights. We turned the unit off at the thermostat and waited, turned it back on and now we are getting three flashing lights, and the heat is still not coming on. Could you tell us if there is something we can do to reset or do we need a technician?

    Thank you.

    • flash codes 2 and 3 indicate a pressure switch safety is keeping the unit from working. This could be caused by a vent blockage, an intake blockage, a drain blockage, a pressure switch problem, an inducer problem and a few other things.
      I would suggest you contact your York Dealer and have them check out the unit.

  17. Dario Tassistro says:

    Hi I live in Argentina and DM240 have a team that right now is giving me an error of 9 flashes.
    Can you please help me.
    thank you very much

    • Flash code 9 is anything to do with the heating side of the unit. Could be flame failure,open limit,cycling on limit,roll out switch etc. Check the install instructions for a full description of the causes of a flash code 9.

      • Dario Tassistro says:

        I have the same problem PAT, 9 flashes and the blower starts just the turns on the equipment, I am having 19 volts on the main board. that’s the problem ?

      • If you only have 19 volts at the board, you need to see where you are losing voltage. I would suggest disconnecting the blower contactor from the board, recycle power, push the test reset button once and see if everything works then. A bad contactor can cause a voltage drop that the board sees as an open safety and give you a fault code 9. Try that?

  18. pat says:

    Hello- I am getting 9 flashing red leds on the board only. Blower fan does not stop running. Heating section showing normal heart beat led. Any Ideas?

    • Sounds like you lost the limit input to the main board. On the board is a single spade terminal marked “limit”. There should be 24 volts present there. With no flash code on the ignition control, somewhere between the heating section and the board you’ve lost connection or power

  19. Sly Brown says:

    S# NON9426154 Mod# PC120C000A2AAA1A.. Compressors , Cond Fan and air handler, continues to run when there is no call for cool or heat. No sticking Contactors, perform a continuity test of T-stat wires leading too and away from unit, all good, only can turn unit off @ disconnect, once off stays off , until I go and call for either heat or cool, both work fine when called for. just continues to run.. thanks

  20. Sly Brown says:

    More info.. Unit Runs with T stat removed from base.

  21. Condensing unit will cut off randomly normally during the hottest part of the day…What is “Heat Delay” LED for?
    What does code mean: #1 Red LED is lit and heat delay LED flashes once.

  22. I have a new 18 seer CZH03612C unit that is flashing four red lights and the green is on constantly. Based on the this code i’m thinking a low-pressure lockout. Is there anything I can do as a no pro to clear the situation. For reference we have had an issue with the unit not going on when first set. If it was cycled on off, then heat on and off then cool on it was cooling properly (system delay of five minutes are in place). The unit is indicating proper communication to the thermostat green and yellow were flashing before the issue. Thanks for any help.

    • Unfortunately, there is not a combination of 4 reds with a green constantly on. Nor is there a flashing yellow with a green.
      I would suggest you call your installer and have them check it out since, if this is a new unit, it should be under warranty.

      • Howard Schneider says:

        Turns out the freon was low which was triggering the low-pressure lockout. Thank you for the input.

  23. Edward Ulrich says:

    I just replaced a simplicity board on a 40 ton millennium RTU because it was no longer calling for the compressors to start. The board goes through a Bacnet MSTP translator and is mapped into a Metasys front end. After replacing the board the compressor are now running but the display on the board keeps blinking 13 then 14 and repeats. I pressed the alarm button but it does not clear. The manual says that FC13 and FC14 are heat lockout alarms due to excessive trips…Any thoughts on why. Also, the new board is not communicating to the front end.

    • I would suggest contacting your local York distributor. Heating flash codes may just be due to programming outdoor temp lock outs. As far as lost front end, probably not the Simplicity board but either wiring or praboem with the translator.
      Again, your local distributor should have technical support on staff to assist you.

  24. John Bain says:

    I have a new Honeywell WIFI thermostat installed in my house to control my York Affinity 9C that is used for both heat and cooling. It was fine until yesterday. I had set the thermostat to cool the house while I was out and when I returned home it had switched off. When I checked the furnace I was getting a amber 1 flash light. I reset it, by taking off the bottom door and putting it back. I ended up with a green steady 1 flash light, which I understand means that the furnace and thermostat are trying to communicate. I turned the heat up and I was able to get a flame going. When I set it to cool I am getting nothing at all. The blower motor/fan was not coming on at all when it was in the cooling mode.. Is it possible that my blower motor/fan is gone.

    • 1 amber means the board sees a call for cooling. 1 green flash means there is no thermostat call and the board is ready to respond to a call for heat or cool.
      Does the thermostat have a ” C” common wire run to it? Without a C, the thermostat is a power stealing star and the board will not always respond to calls.

  25. Tyler Sherman says:

    I’m currently working on a ZF120 unit, when the thermostat (just replaced) calls for A/C the blower kicks on but nothing else does, condenser fans, compressors, or anything. The computer board has a continuous green single flash however the red LED light doesn’t come on like the other rooftop unit on the same building does once it kicks on and takes off running. I didn’t know if I needed to reset the computer board and if so how to do that. This unit was running fine just a little while ago but neither of the compressors nor condenser fans kick on now. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    • You say the thermostat was just replaced? At the control board, do you have 24 VAC at Y1, Y2? You know you have power at G because the fan runs. At the thermostat, is there RC and RH terminals? Is there a jumper between them?
      Start here and see if you have solved it

  26. jk says:

    i have a code 9, heat works fine burners are on, but blower won’t turn off even after thermostat is satisfied

    • Is the furnace cycling on limit? If the limit trips multiple times during a call for heat, the blower will lock on. Also make sure the fan setting on your thermostat is set on Auto

      • jk says:

        what can be caused the limit to tip? blower is on and running

      • Limit trips could be caused by improper air flow, improper gas flow settings, overtired, dampers closed, dirtyvfilter, dirty blower, registers closed.
        At this point I think it would be best to call you contractor.

      • jk says:

        thank you so much, but what i still don’t understand is why is the heat still working if the limit is open, isn’t it spouse to shut the burners right away and blower stays on ?

      • As I said in my last response, I feel it would be best to call a qualified contractor at this point. Limits are safeties and need to be properly checked. Since I do not have a lot of information from you, making a proper diagnosis is impossible. Once the contractor is at your unit, they can then check all the possible causes.

  27. Aleksey says:

    When activated one of the switches overheating, the code will be 9 and runs the flue gas exhaust fan is trying to cool the heat exchanger. Go for Electric scheme of contact Limit look for 24V.

  28. Gary Smullen says:

    I am working on a York Millenium 40 ton rooftop, about ten years old. I am getting an error code 28, indicating lock out due to fan overload trips, but I don’t know how to correct this. What do I look for?

    • On the component map you should find a control marked FOVR (FAN OVERLOAD RELAY) of BOR (Blower overload relay). Large horsepower motors do not have internal overloads so they are part of the blower contractor. They are manual reset.
      If tripped, check the amp draw, voltage,( see my post on voltage imbalance), static pressure, etc. You could also check belts, motor overheating, etc.
      Fist thing is to reset the FOVR and the see what caused it to trip.

  29. Gurjot Thiara says:

    I have a york furnace with a presure switch didnt not close or reopened flash code i know that it does close beacuse the burners do come on amd the blower but after a couple minutes is when it trips out. Outside vent looks clear, i dont hear a little water in the motor, but the drain is clean and dripping water.

    • Gurjot Thiara says:

      Sorry i meant to say i do hear a little water in the ventor motor

      • If you hear water in the vent motor, that could be your problem. Enough water will not let the venter produce enough pressure. It could also put water in the other ubing to the pressure switch or even into the switch itself.
        You need to verify the pressure to the switch. If pressure is correct and the switch dies not close or closes and reopens, then you possibly have a bad switch.
        If the pressure does not meet the switch setting, then you have a drain, venter,tubing issue.
        Flash codes are only there to give you a symptom. Then you need to find the cause with prosper testing.

  30. joseph says:

    i have error code e4

  31. Jorge the new tech says:

    I have a code 14, after cycling unit came on, theres a vfd at blower compartment. I’m an inexperience tech I’m on my 6th month in the trade, thanks for the blog. You do a service to our trade, when I retire I want to do the same.

    • What is the model and serial number of the equipment? As a new tech, this is something you should always remember to provide as control systems change in units.
      Please provide the model and serial and I’ll see if I can help.

  32. hugo geribon says:

    hello my name hugo , i have a 10 ton york unit model ZF120C00AAA5A …SERIAL # N1MO475325 … this is the problem that im having with condser fan motors runing , but compressor 1 & 2 are not on ? it shows on the bord D18 HEAT DELAY ?

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