New Honeywell Economizer Controls – Part 2

So, now that you have read my last post and have an “overview” of the new economizer control, we can get into the nitty-gritty of how to install and set-up, and diagnose the new economizer.

The installation part is easy. The new Economizer module is not position conscientious and it may be mounted in any orientation. However, you may want to mount it in a position that makes it easy to read the screen and access the setting arrows.Jade Econ ctl 1

This just makes it easier to program and set up. Mounting in the orientation shown above permits proper viewing of the LCD display and use of the keypad. Module wiring in the field is terminated to the four screw terminal blocks located on the left and right sides. Each terminal can accommodate the following gauges of wire:

  • Single wire – from 18 AWG to 22 AWG solid or stranded
  • Multiple wires – up to two 22 AWG stranded
  • For the 24 Vac connections: single wire – from 14 to 18AWG solid or stranded

For S-BUS wiring, the sensors may be mounted up to 200 ft. (61 m) from the JADE controller. When the length of wire is over 100 feet use twisted pair shielded wire.
NOTE: All wiring is polarity insensitive.

Here is the lay out and connection points on the W7220 module:

jade wiring1

Jade wiring 2

As you can see — the wiring to this new module is almost identical to the older w7212 module.  One BIG difference to note is this module is powered by 24 volts from the transformer whereas the older W7212 was powered off the GREEN FAN circuit of the unit.  You still have points for IAQ and EXHAUST relay connections.Still have Y1 in and Y1 out.  Still have OCC (occupied) for min pot activation.  One very important  connection to note is that the control does require an EARTH GROUND.

Ok — so we have it wired and we’re sure we have a good earth ground to the module -Now we can start it up.

NOTE: ON THE INITIAL START-UP OF A NEW MODULE -Jade will be in the “set up” mode for the first 60 minutes after powered. If a sensor for OA air or Sylk Bus device (sensor, actuator) is disconnected during the set up mode, the Jade will not alarm that failure. The Discharge or MA sensor is a system “critical” sensor; if the Discharge or MA sensor is removed during the set up mode, the Jade will alarm. After 60 minutes the Jade controller will change to operation mode and all components removed or failed will alarm in the operation mode. This basically makes it “self configuring”.

After the module is mounted and wired, apply power. Once it has gone through its initial start-up — anytime after that – upon power up (or after a power outage or blown-out), the W7220 controller module begins a 5 minute power up delay before enabling mechanical cooling (anti short cycle protection)

On initial start-up, Honeywell displays on the first line and Economizer W7220 on the second line. After a brief pause, the revision of the software appears on the first line and the second line will be blank. After another brief moment the screen will display W7220 on the first line and STATUS on the second line.

Now we can go into the menus using the key pad and arrows.

JADE Config1

JADE keypad

JADE settingspng

The Menus in display order are:

Attached at the end of this post is the Honeywell Installation Instruction for the W7220.  In it are all the parameters, status, setpoints, etc. There are 32 status’, 11 set -points, 9 system set-ups, 14 advanced set-points, 8 check-out, and 8 alarms.    There is also a full sequence of operation depending on how the module is configured and what sensors you have used.

Lastly, comes the troubleshooting.  As I said early on, the new Jade Control does display problems making diagnosing easier.

The Economizer module provides alarm messages that display on the 2-line LCD.
NOTE: Upon power up, the module waits 60 minutes before checking for alarms. This allows time for all the configured devices (e.g. sensors, actuator) to become operational. The exception is the Discharge or MA sensor which will alarm immediately. If one or more alarms are present and there has been no keypad activity for at least 5 minutes, the Alarms menu displays and cycles through the active alarms. You can also navigate to the Alarms menu at any time.

Jade alarm clearing1

Lastly — the Jade module is capable of performing its own check-out test:


Keep in mind that the older W7212 modules are still available but Honeywell will be phasing them out.  This all ties into “SMART CONTROLS” and the use of communicating controls on equipment.  Having the Check-out Test available is especially nice as you can actually run the economizer “through its paces” and make sure the actuator (motor) and other components are working.

Hopefully, this new generation of controls will make it easier.  As I said in my last post, Economizers are the most misunderstood, most often misdiagnosed, and most often gutted controls systems.  Hopefully this will prevent this from happening in the future.

Honeywell JADE Econ1

Note: information presented in this post was taken from Honeywell’s Installation manual (attached) for the new Jade Control.

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4 Responses to New Honeywell Economizer Controls – Part 2

  1. Christian Chan says:

    Hi there ! i have been reading your post everytime you upload a new one, and i found them very interesting and useful. I’am new in the HVAC bussiness and recently found a problem finding more technical data about York airside products, where can i find more information?

  2. Pat says:

    Hello, firstly thank you .. for everything you do … Sorry for my English … I speak French … I am a passionate as you air conditioned and Refrigeration … (I’m technician ) ..Ma Question .. then .. that I’ll have to change a Economizer with the new jade .. control .. Is everything spinning of control (the model with Exhaust fan , VCD , etc …) Will used .. ? Do we must Bringing new Spinning .. from electronic plate ? Can you show us .. a conversion Schema ? thx

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