Here is a Primer on piping that I have always found very helpful and useful:

  • All pipe is to be made of a long hole surrounded by metal or plastic centered around the hole.
  • All pipe is to be hollow throughout the entire length.
  • All pipe is to be of the very best quality, preferable tubular and pipular.
  • All acid proof pipe is to be made of acid proof metal or plastic.
  • The outside diameter of ALL pipe must exceed the inside diameter. Otherwise the hole will be on the outside of the pipe.
  • All pipe is to be supplied with nothing in the hole so that water, steam, refrigerant, or other stuff can be put in later.
  • All pipe is to be supplied without rust, as this can be more readily put on at the job site.
  • All pipe is to be cleaned free of any covering such as mud, tar, barnacles, or any form of manure before putting up; otherwise, it will make lumps in the paint.
  • All pipe over 500 feet in length must have the words LONG PIPE clearly painted on each end so that the fitter will know it is a long pipe.
  • Pipe over 2 miles in length must also have these words painted in the middle so that the fitter will not have to walk the full length of the pipe to determine if it is a long pipe or not.
  • All pipe over 6 inches in diameter is to have the words LARGE PIPE painted on it so the fitter will not use it for small pipe.
  • All pipe fittings are to be made of the same stuff as the pipe.
  • All pipe closers are to be open on one end.
  • No fittings are to be put on a pipe unless specified. Otherwise, straight pipe becomes crooked pipe.

I apologize to all my fitter friends.  This was given to me by one of you (who shall remain nameless) and he asked me to share it with you on my blog site.

The point is that all piping, electrical, sheet metal, etc, needs to be installed properly.  A system can only work as well as it is installed and piping is just one part of a proper installation.


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  1. Bob Frank says:

    Have someone else start your car tonight!

    • gotta put out a little “humor” once in a while — that’s why the category is “just for fun”. When I got it from my friend, I absolutely agreed that I had to post it.
      Enjoy and thanks for reading my blog!

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