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Last Posting

We regret to inform you all, but the creator/moderator of this site, Mike Bishop, recently passed away. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer two years ago, and after a long but optimistic fight, he succumbed to complications last week. As … Continue reading

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Flood Damaged HVAC Equipment

The South Central, Midwest, and the Northeast have seen record rainfall in the last couple of weeks with more coming , especially, the next couple of days.  Rivers are over flood stage.  Sewer systems cannot keep up with all the rain and … Continue reading

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ECM Motors and By-pass Humidifiers

I recently was asked the question, “Can I use a by-pass humidifier on a furnace with an ECM motor?”  Now, I had never seen anything to the contrary, so I figured the best source was to go to the ECM … Continue reading

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