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TXV Sensing Bulb Location

Sensing Bulb Location — What is the correct position for the TXV sensing bulb?  The placement of the remote sensing bulb of the TXV onto the suction line is critical to proper TXV performance.  A lot of “hunting”, “flooding”, “starving” and … Continue reading

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How Electricity “REALLY” Works

A sheet of paper crossed my desk the other day and, as I read it, a realization of a basic truth came to me.  So Simple! So obvious we couldn’t see it.  One of our engineers had discovered how power … Continue reading

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Technical Competency

The other day I saw a sign and it really hit home with me. It said, “I CAN EXPLAIN IT TO YOU, BUT I CAN’T UNDERSTAND IT FOR YOU!” In my job, I am on the phone a lot with … Continue reading

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Mis-diagnostics of Time/Temperature Defrost Boards in Split Heat Pumps

In a previous post, I mentioned that control boards are replaced and there is really nothing wrong with them. In recent months, there has been an increased number of defrost boards from split system heat pumps returned for warranty.  In-house testing of … Continue reading

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Thoughts to Ponder

Sometimes, we all need to take that step back from work and think about silly things or things we kind of have wondered about.  Here are a few of my points to ponder when I’m not thinking about heating or air … Continue reading

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Comparison Of Hermetic Scroll And Reciprocating Compressors

I recently received the following question: Mike – have you posted a blog about the difference between recip and scroll compressors?   We run into some resistance in some areas because we don’t use all scrolls.  We try to answer this … Continue reading

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