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X-13 Motors — What Are They?

Since posting the information on ECM motors and standard motors, I have had a number of request for information on the X-13 motors. Before we get into troubleshooting, I think it is important to understand what an X-13 motor is … Continue reading

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Furnace Pressure Switches

As we start the heating season, we already have been getting questions about the vent pressure switches in furnaces.  I usually hear something like this, “I’m getting a flash code 3 – open pressure switch.  I jump the switch and the … Continue reading

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New D.O.E . Rules — Part 3 (venting)

In my last 2 posts, we discussed condensate in 90+% efficient furnaces and the D.O.E. Rules that will go into effect May 1, 2013 for all furnaces.  We discussed pH of the condensate and the possible need for acid neutralizer … Continue reading

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Furnace Condensate & New D.O.E. Rules – Part 2

In my last post, I addressed the question of the pH of the condensate that comes out of 90+% furnaces.  Since that post has come out, I have been asked the question, How much condensate will be produced by a … Continue reading

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Updated Index of Posts

Since July, when I last posted the index, there have been a lot of new posts.  Here is a quick link to all my post listed alphabetically.  “Twinning” Furnaces 3-phase Phase Monitors 90+ Venting to 150 Feet? 90+% Furnace Venting A Little Test A Visit from … Continue reading

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Furnace Condensate & New D.O.E. Rules

Recently, I have had questions about the “acidity” of the condensate from 90+% efficient furnaces.  These questions have come from architects, engineers, city inspectors and sales people.  As you may or may not be aware, as of May 1,2013 — less … Continue reading

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Basic Motor Diagnostics

A few posts ago, I presented information on how to diagnose ECM motors. Even though these are becoming more popular, there are still a lot of “standard” motors out there.  So, in this post, I want to give you some … Continue reading

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Furnace Efficiency using Combustion Analyzers?

A lot of utility companies or municipalities are asking for  furnace efficiencies based on combustion analysis. Combustion analyzers are okay to use for the purpose of determining if there is excessive CO  or CO² in the flue products and to see if the furnace … Continue reading

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