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This is what happens when I have too much free time!

 HOW A LIGHT BULB WORKS A  sheet of paper crossed my desk the other day and as I read it a realization of a basic truth came to me.  So simple!  So obvious we have just taken it for granted … Continue reading

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At the Disney Studios, they follow a simple philosophy. It is this philosophy that keeps them coming up with new ideas.  Disney called this philosophy IMAGINEERING. Simply put, it states:  “I WILL CHANGE MY THOUGHTS, WHICH WILL DRIVE MY ACTIONS, … Continue reading

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On furnaces with ECM motors, it is pretty easy to determine what CFM the blower is producing since there is an LED on the board that flashes 1 time for every 100 CFM that the motor is producing.  But how … Continue reading

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Flame Sensors – All Gas Furnaces

What is the CORRECT procedure to diagnose and clean a flame sensor?  The flame sensor does not contain any moving or functional parts.  The flame sensor is energized with AC voltage, which is rectified to DC in the presence of … Continue reading

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